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Updated date Oct 17, 2021
String Interpolation In C# With Examples

String interpolation is used to concatenate, format, and manipulate strings in C#. It provides more readable and convenient syntax to create formatted strings than a native string composite format feature.

Interpolated string structure:

String interpolation syntax starts with a ‘$’ symbol and you can't leave any white space between $ and the ", also expressions will be defined within a bracket {} as shown below, 


Elements in square brackets are optional,

Element Description
interpolationExpression The expression that produces a result to be formatted.
alignment The constant expression whose value defines the minimum number of characters in the string representation of the expression result. If positive, the string representation is right-aligned; if negative, it's left-aligned.
formatString A format string that is supported by the type of the expression result. 

 The code snippet concatenates the name and website variables with a string using string interpolation.

string name = "Sabari";
string website = "";

// Composite formatting
Console.WriteLine("Welcome {0}!, {1} is a developer community website.", name, website);
// String interpolation
Console.WriteLine($"Welcome {name}!, {website} is a developer community website.");


Welcome Sabari!, is a developer community website.
Welcome Sabari!, is a developer community website.

The below code snippet concatenates the car, model, and price variables with a string using string interpolation.

string car = "Audi A1";
string model = "Sportback";
string price = "45,000";

Console.WriteLine($"Prices for an {car} {model} start around ${price}");


Prices for an Audi A1 Sportback start around $45,000

The following example constructs a string with spacing and appends 10 characters after the first string. 

string car = "Audi A1";
string model = "Sportback";            

// {car, 10} - adds 10 characters space from the first object.
Console.WriteLine($"{car}{model,15} is a good premium car");  


Audi A1      Sportback is a good premium car

String interpolation and expression is used in the below code example,

string name = "John";
int age = 25;

Console.WriteLine($"{name} is {age} year{(age == 1 ? "" : "s")} old.");


John is 25 years old.


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