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Updated date Nov 30, 2023
Explore the transformative features of iOS 17, building upon the interface changes introduced in iOS 16. The article introduces five inventive app ideas inspired by these updates, spanning text recognition, stickers, phone cleaning, video chat, and finance applications.


iOS 16 brought significant changes to the screen interface style. The new lock screen allows you to personalize fonts, wallpaper, and add widgets. These features have created quite a buzz in the community. In this blog, we'll explore some of the exciting new iOS features that have since been carried over to iOS 17. But wait, there's more! Would you like some fresh iOS app ideas based on these features? In this blog, we'll share five simple ideas for iOS app development.

1. Text Recognition App

Improve your note-taking experience in schools and meetings with a cutting-edge text recognition app. Simply capture an image of the whiteboard or presentation, and watch as your Apple device seamlessly converts it into editable text. With the advanced text recognition feature in iOS, you have the opportunity to create a highly marketable mobile app. Targeting a diverse range of users, including students, teachers, secretaries, and managers, your app can stand out by incorporating unique features.

While there is an abundance of similar apps available on the Apple store, the latest iOS version empowers iPhones 15 and iPads to achieve unrivaled accuracy. Adding the following features can give you an edge over the competition. You can use various fonts, such as hand-written styles, to recognize mathematical and scientific symbols. The text documents support multiple formats like .txt, .doc, and .docx, enabling you to search, highlight, and edit them.

2. An Application For Stickers

Can you believe it? Stickers have become a whole new way to communicate effectively. The relatability and popularity of sticker-able images spread like wildfire. In fact, every day, Facebook Messenger records a whopping 380 million taps on sticker messages.

The concept behind a sticker application is pretty simple. You create a platform that accommodates all types of stickers. Not to mention, users can even create their own stickers using the most absurd and hilarious pictures of their friends and family.

To resonate with the young audience who loves stickers, the application's interface features a vibrant color palette. These stickers come in various forms like animations, gifs, or snippets. Thanks to the application's user-friendly interface, accessing different genres of stickers becomes a breeze.

3. Phone Cleaner

There are more and more applications on the App Store and all the ones you have installed are taking up space on your iPhone. A cleaner app is a solution to the memory shortage problem. There are already a number of phone cleaners that have set the standard for the industry. First, you can download this phone app and check the effect of it. In addition to the fact that it can delete unnecessary files, it can also compress photos and videos. Any application in this class requires frequent app updates, a transparent data policy, and high search efficiency.

4. Video Chat App

During these times of lockdowns, curfews, and social distancing, the demand for video-calling apps has skyrocketed. FaceTime links have been revamped to make calls even simpler.

If you seize the opportunity to develop Video Chat applications, there is ample room for innovation, despite the existence of numerous platforms.

By harnessing the new features in FaceTime and the SharePlay app, you can create a mobile app that allows friends to chat for hours or binge-watch shows together.

5. An Application For Finances

FinTech is booming globally today. An article from The Times Of India reveals that the average global growth rate is 64%, with countries like India cruising at 87%. In India specifically, we anticipate a FinTech revenue of 200 billion dollars by 2030, with over 2100+ FinTech firms operating in real-time.

Imagine if iOS had an application that streamlined personal finance with seamless sync with bank accounts, investment portals, cash details, and other online finance platforms. This application could potentially create opportunities for Apple users to transact and record data within the iOS integrations. iOS 16 offers numerous features to reduce manual efforts, which can convert into processes that, in turn, reduce the efforts required to derive financial insights.

This finance app development can allow you to operate on a highly secure network and have a unified dashboard to access every balance sheet simultaneously. This feature is an excellent way for you to pinpoint spending patterns, gain insights on prospective investments, calculate budgets, calculate returns on investments, forecast future spending, combine card payments, and more.


iOS development continues, iOS 17 has already been released and new features appear with each version of the operating system. With the latest releases, the lock screen has been greatly changed and this can be used to the benefit of the application. The above are just a few ideas, but you can take the idea further and implement it in another area.



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