JSON to XML Converter

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The converter takes JSON input and recursively converts it to XML format by traversing through the JSON object properties and generating corresponding XML tags.
Yes, the converter supports converting complex nested JSON structures to XML. It recursively converts nested objects and arrays into XML tags.
If you provide invalid JSON as input, such as missing brackets or invalid syntax, the converter will display an alert indicating that the JSON is invalid.
The converter doesn't impose a specific size limit for the JSON input. However, extremely large inputs may impact performance or cause the browser to become unresponsive.
Yes, there is a "Copy" button provided next to the XML output textarea. Clicking the button will copy the XML content to the clipboard.
No, the converter is specifically designed for converting JSON to XML. It doesn't include functionality for converting XML back to JSON.
Yes, you are free to use and modify the code provided for the JSON to XML converter in your own projects or website.
Step 1: Copy paste your JSON code to the "Copy paste your JSON code here" input box.
Step 2: Click Convert to XML button to convert your JSON.
Step 3: Once you see the output, click 'Copy' button to copy your XML code.