XML Formatter

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XML(Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language which is used to store and transport structured informations between computer systems such as databases, websites and other applications. XML format can be readable by human and machine. Xml is a W3C recommendation.
Step 1: Copy paste your minified Xml code to the "Copy paste your XML code here" input box.
Step 2: Select Indent with space or tabs drop down.
Step 3: Select wrap line drop down.
Step 4: Click Format XML button to format or beautufy your Xml code.
Step 5: Once you see the output, click 'Copy' button to copy your formatted Xml code.
Xml formatter or beautifier is used to formats a Xml string or minified Xml with your chosen indentation level, this will make your Xml code more readable. This free online Xml formtter easily formates or beautify your minified Xml code with in a second.