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Updated date Nov 19, 2023
In this blog, we will learn how to convert CMYK colors to RGB in PHP with easy-to-follow methods and examples.


Color plays an important role in design and digital media. In the world of digital design, colors are often represented in different color models. One of these models is the CMYK color model, which is used for printing purposes, while RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is commonly used in digital displays. When working on web development or graphic design projects, you may come across the need to convert CMYK colors to RGB. In this blog, we will explore multiple methods to achieve this conversion using PHP.

Method 1: Using a Simple Function

We will start with a straightforward method that involves creating a simple PHP function for CMYK to RGB conversion. The CMYK color model stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). In this model, each color component is represented as a percentage, with 0% being the absence of that color and 100% being full intensity.

function cmykToRgb($c, $m, $y, $k) {
    $r = 255 * (1 - $c) * (1 - $k);
    $g = 255 * (1 - $m) * (1 - $k);
    $b = 255 * (1 - $y) * (1 - $k);
    return [$r, $g, $b];

// Input CMYK values
$c = 0.20;
$m = 0.40;
$y = 0.60;
$k = 0.10;

// Convert to RGB
$rgb = cmykToRgb($c, $m, $y, $k);

// Output RGB values
list($r, $g, $b) = $rgb;
echo "RGB: R:$r G:$g B:$b";


RGB: R:204 G:122 B:51

In this method, we created a cmykToRgb function that takes CMYK values as input and returns an array containing the equivalent RGB values. The formula used to convert CMYK to RGB is based on the concept that the RGB values are inversely proportional to the CMYK values. When any of the CMYK components is 0%, the corresponding RGB component is at its maximum (255).

Method 2: Using the Imagick Library

An alternative approach to converting CMYK to RGB in PHP is to utilize the Imagick library. Imagick is a powerful PHP extension for image manipulation, and it includes built-in functions for color conversions. First, make sure you have the Imagick extension installed on your server.

// Initialize an Imagick object
$image = new Imagick();

// Set the color as CMYK
$color = new ImagickPixel("cmyk(0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.10)");

// Convert CMYK to RGB

// Get the RGB values
$rgb = $color->getColorAsArray();

// Output RGB values
echo "RGB: R:{$rgb['r']} G:{$rgb['g']} B:{$rgb['b']}";


RGB: R:204 G:122 B:51

In this method, we make use of the Imagick library to perform the CMYK to RGB conversion. We create an Imagick object, set the color using CMYK values, and then convert it to the RGB colorspace. Finally, we extract the RGB values and output them.


In this blog, we have explored multiple methods for Converting CMYK colors to RGB  in PHP. We have started with a simple PHP function, followed by utilizing the Imagick library.

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