What is Robotic process automation (RPA)?

  • Oct 15, 2020
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What is Robotic process automation (RPA)?

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Business enterprises continuously strive to generate more profit by increasing productivity and minimizing costs. Such growth is possible through enhancing business processes through technological innovation that significantly improves efficiency.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one such innovation that drastically impacts business processes by employing a digital workforce. RPA allows automating tasks with the help of bots to perform most labor-intensive and repetitive tasks such as clerical and back-office work including data entry and data validation. 

RPA imitates human actions and can be integrated with an organization's IT system to perform various operations using their in-house application.

Since RPA allows enterprises to use a virtual workforce that can replace manual labor-intensive tasks, which minimizes cost considerably, it is more time-efficient, reliable, and can be easily implemented within the existing infrastructure. RPA does not require administrator-level access to codes or enterprise database and hence is much safer to use.

RPA’s ability to simulate human actions allows it to be used on applications, business processes, software at normal employee level access. This ensures easy implementation of RPA into existing systems to perform any business activity saving a significant amount of time to generate error-free results.

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