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Updated date Oct 16, 2023
In this blog, we will explore multiple methods for converting Boolean values to lists in Python. From list comprehensions to using functions like int() and map(), learn diverse approaches to handle Boolean-to-list conversions.


In this blog, we will explore different methods for converting a boolean to a list in Python

Method 1: Using a List Comprehension

List comprehensions are a short and elegant way to create lists in Python. Let's see how we can use this feature to convert a Boolean to a list.

# Method 1: Using List Comprehension
def bool_to_list_method_1(boolean_value):
    return [1] if boolean_value else [0]

# Example
bool_value = True
result = bool_to_list_method_1(bool_value)



This method creates a list with a single element, either 1 or 0, based on the input Boolean value. This approach is straightforward and readable, making it a popular choice for such conversions.

Method 2: Using the int() Function

The int() function in Python can be employed to convert a Boolean to an integer (1 for True, 0 for False), and then the integer can be used to create a list.

# Method 2: Using the int() Function
def bool_to_list_method_2(boolean_value):
    return [int(boolean_value)]

# Example
bool_value = False
result = bool_to_list_method_2(bool_value)



Here, the int() function directly converts the Boolean to its integer equivalent, and then the list is created with that integer as its sole element.

Method 3: Using the map() Function

The map() function can be utilized to apply a function to each element of an iterable. In this case, we can use it to map the Boolean value to a list.

# Method 3: Using the map() Function
def bool_to_list_method_3(boolean_value):
    return list(map(int, [boolean_value]))

# Example
bool_value = True
result = bool_to_list_method_3(bool_value)



In this method, the map() function is used to convert the Boolean to an integer, and the resulting iterable is then converted to a list.


In this blog, we have discussed three different methods to convert a Boolean to a list in Python. Method 1 with list comprehension is short and easy to read, making it a good choice for simple conversions. Method 2 using the int() function is straightforward and uses the direct mapping between Booleans and integers. Method 3 with the map() function is more flexible and can be extended to handle conversions for multiple Boolean values.

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