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Updated date Jan 24, 2024
Explore the evolution of Salesforce from a simple CRM tool to a comprehensive platform managing CRM, CPQ, fulfillment, and more. This article delves into the critical role of Salesforce testing, emphasizing the benefits of automation.


From a straightforward CRM program to a strategic platform for the entire company that manages CRM, CPQ, fulfillment, invoicing, and much more, Salesforce has flourished over time. Businesses already know how important salesforce testing is for them. Automation tools Salesforce testing has already shown major benefits like improved speed, better risk coverage, and cost reduction. Here, in this post, we will share some of the best advantages that automating Salesforce testing offers.

Speeds up the process

Manual testing entails weeks-long feedback loops in which testers and QA teams must communicate about issues discovered during testing, such as a form that does not render correctly after a new field is added. Because virtual machines can run tests continuously day and night, unlike manual testers, test automation enables instant feedback loops, allowing developers to embrace DevOps and move code from development to build more quickly.

In the same way, companies can apply updates to their Salesforce environment more quickly, which also allows staff members to take advantage of new features more quickly.

Reduces cost

When organizations manually test an excessive number of non-critical processes or neglect to test the appropriate processes, they frequently exceed testing budgets or timelines and wind up spending an enormous amount of money fixing a bug that makes its way into production. Automated testing makes it possible to run tests continuously, which leads to the discovery of bugs much earlier in the process and lower repair costs.

Furthermore, repetitive tests are not streamlined by manual testing procedures; rather, as time goes on, the price of testing your applications increases due to the labor required to keep up with those tests. On the other hand, because automated test scripts can be created and reused indefinitely at no additional cost, automated testing becomes less expensive over time.

Reduces the risk

Fundamentally, organizations can test more processes faster with automated testing, which lowers risk. Because virtual machines rather than humans conduct the tests, automated testing helps lower risk. Unlike manual testers, these machines don't grow weary from tedious, repetitive work, and they offer a thorough audit trail for compliance needs.

Continuous development

All in all, organizations may easily become overwhelmed by the expense and time involved in testing Salesforce due to its extensive testing requirements. In addition to being more economical and efficient than manual testing, automated testing helps businesses adopt continuous development and DevOps. By using automation, organizations can reduce the length of their test cycles while maintaining the assurance that their vital business processes won't malfunction.


In summary, the aforementioned points illustrate how automation is essential to maximizing the potential of your Salesforce platform. Opkey's no-code platform, on the other hand, enables any employee to contribute to test automation, regardless of technical proficiency. Because of self-healing technology and best enterprise software testing, Opkey's Salesforce scripts require 80% less maintenance than scripts written in Selenium. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop test builder in Opkey's library allows users to generate and save automated tests. Alternatively, users can record their actions and create reliable, automated tests by just clicking through their standard workflows. To sum up, the solution is called Opkey, quite fittingly!



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