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Updated date Jun 13, 2023
Microsoft's article highlights the release of .NET 8 Preview 5, showcasing new features and improvements. This update offers a straightforward upgrade path for .NET 6 and 7 users. The article provides information on downloading the preview, including installers, binaries, and container images.

Microsoft announced the latest advancements and enhancements in .NET 8 Preview 5! This release builds upon the previous Preview 4 and promises a continuous stream of exciting features with each monthly update. For users of .NET 6 and 7, this release brings a seamless upgrade path, ensuring a smooth transition.

Available for Linux, macOS, and Windows, you can easily download .NET 8 Preview 5. The package includes installers, binaries, container images, release notes, and a GitHub issue tracker to address any concerns or known issues.

ASP.NET Core enthusiasts will find a host of new features in the Preview 5 release. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments by exploring "What's New in .NET 8," a comprehensive resource that will be regularly updated throughout the release cycle.

The recent Microsoft Build 2023 was a resounding success, largely due to the active participation of passionate .NET developers like you! The .NET team witnessed an overwhelming response to their sessions, where they delved into the most exciting aspects of .NET 8 and engaged with attendees through Q&A sessions. Don't miss out on joining the .NET Team at Microsoft Build 2023!

Here are the new features of .Net 8 Preview 8,

  1. Enhanced Metrics APIs with Dependency Injection (DI) Support
  2. Introducing Tags for Creating Meters and Instruments in Metrics APIs
  3. Source Link Included in the .NET SDK!
  4. New Analyzers for .NET Libraries in the SDK
  5. Linux Self-Contained Support in the SDK
  6. Change in Default Setting: Self-Contained is No Longer the Default
  7. Alpine ASP.NET Docker Composite Images
  8. Runtime Host Automatically Determines RID-Specific Assets (without RID graph) by Default
  9. Codegen Improvements
  10. Optimized ThreadStatic Field Access for GC-Type in NativeAOT (Arm64)
  11. General Optimizations in .NET Runtime
  12. AVX-512 Support
  13. Community PRs Acknowledgement: Thanks to JIT Community Contributors!
  14. Boost Your Productivity in VS Code with the C# Dev Kit Extension!

For more information, please visit Microsoft's official website.



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