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Updated date Nov 03, 2020
Microsoft released a TypeScript 4.1 RC (Release Candidate) version and it is available now for download and use.

Microsoft released a TypeScript 4.1 RC (Release Candidate) version and brings more exciting new features, checking flags, editor productivity updates, and speed improvements.

Below are the new features and updates for TypeScript 4.1 RC,

  • Template Literal Types
  • Key Remapping in Mapped Types
  • Recursive Conditional Types
  • --noUncheckedIndexedAccess
  • paths without baseUrl
  • checkJs Implies allowJs
  • React 17 JSX Factories
  • Editor Support for the JSDoc @see Tag
  • Breaking Changes

TypeScript 4.1 RC is now available and you can use the below command to install the new version,

npm install [email protected]

If you want to download Typescript for Visual Studio,

TypeScript 4.1 RC for Visual Studio

Please follow the below instructions for Visual Studio Code or Sub,

Visual Studio Code

Sublime Text

If you want more details about the new features and updates please visit the official website.


Sabari M
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