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Updated date Nov 21, 2020
Google now supports .NET 5.0 on Google Cloud. Google Cloud has already supported different versions of .NET and now supports .Net 5.0.

Microsoft has released .NET 5.0 a few days ago with many new features, improvements, C# 9 support, F# 5 support, and more. .NET 5.0 is the first release of the unified .NET vision that was announced last year. NET is now targeting Windows, Linux, macOS, and more going forward. 

Google Cloud has already supported different versions of .NET. Traditional Windows-based .NET apps can run on Windows Servers in Compute Engine or on Windows Containers in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). For modern Linux-based containerized .NET apps, there’s more choice with App Engine (Flex), GKE and my favorite Cloud Run. Not to mention, the .NET Core 3.1 support in Cloud Functions is currently in preview for serverless .NET functions. 

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Sabari M
Sabari M

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