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Updated date Nov 05, 2020
The new VPN by google helps to stop unprotected networks to secure the devices.

While surfing in an unprotected network there is always a risk of data theft by hackers. Suppose you have to enter the credit card number in an unsecured public network of Wi-Fi, your personal data is not safe. To give protection of the data and get rid of the risk factors, google one has come up with the new VPN.  For the android phone, this will provide an extra protection layer to safeguard the information of the users.

Irrespective of browser or app the new VPN will encode every online activity of the device and will extend its extra security. Into the app of google one, this VPN is developed, and the user will be able to identify whether they are using an unprotected connection or not in just one tap.  There is also another extra perk of pro sessions that enables the users to know about VPN and safe browsing techniques by scheduling online interaction with the experts. This service is provided to all the subscribers of google one and in addition to the VPN, the sessions and 2 TB of storage are also given. This storage can also be shared with your loved ones with the limitation of up to five people and VPN can also be used without any extra charges on those devices. Membership of google one is now becoming more beneficial for the users with these additional services and this is going to help them to grow more and ensuring customer satisfaction.

For the users who want a secure VPN service, google one is becoming the alternative to them with a reasonable costing of $9.99 per month or $99 per year. The combo offering of VPN with cloud storage is the main perk that google has shown to their potential customers instead of having separate services.

The negative part of this service is that the feature is available for the users who all have the subscription to the 2 TB plan which might be considered by Google to serve this VPN service at lower prices too. Another doubt is also identified as a data-driven company like google is offering VPN which is self-contradictory but google assured that no browsing history will be logged or sold by them only to ensure service quality minimum logging will be tracked. Apart from these few drawbacks, the new VPN by google one is undoubtedly recommended instead of some free available free VPN services where the data security will be at risk.    

Please visit the official google website for more details.


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