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Updated date Nov 11, 2020
Microsoft recently released .NET 5 and is the next version of .NET Core and the future of the .NET platform. It

Microsoft recently released .NET 5 and is the next version of .NET Core and the future of the .NET platform. 

Microsoft stated that ASP.NET Core in .NET 5 is loaded with a number of great new features and improvements including:

  • MVC model binding improvements, including support for C# 9 record types
  • Blazor Server & Blazor WebAssembly support and improvements
  • Built-in OpenAPI and Swagger UI support for Web APIs
  • SignalR Hub filters and parallel Hub invocations
  • Azure AD authentication with Microsoft.Identity.Web
  • Auto browser refresh with dotnet watch
  • HTTP/2 and gRPC performance improvements

In order to start the ASP.NET Core in .NET 5, you should install the .NET 5 SDK. The .NET 5 is also included with the latest updates to Visual Studio for Windows and Visual Studio for Mac. You need Visual Studio 2019 16.8 in order to use .NET 5 from Visual Studio. If you want to use .NET 5 with Visual Studio Code, install the latest version of the C# extension.

.NET 5 provides better performance improvements in the runtime and libraries and for the gRPC components. Microsoft said that as soon as you can download .NET 5 and get started building apps with it, you can deploy those .NET 5 apps to App Service using Visual Studio and VS Code, and you’ll have full support for deploying .NET 5 apps to App Service using GitHub Actions.

For more details please visit the official website.



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