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Updated date May 28, 2023
Discover the latest advancements in ASP.NET Core with the release of .NET 8 Preview 4. This news article highlights the key updates and improvements brought to the framework. From enhancements in Blazor, such as streaming rendering and form handling, to expand support for form binding in minimal APIs, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the new features.

Microsoft announced the availability of .NET 8 Preview 4, packed with numerous exciting enhancements for ASP.NET Core. In this preview release, Microsoft introduce several notable features and improvements. Here's a summary of what you can expect:


  • Experience streaming rendering with Blazor components, allowing for more efficient and dynamic web application development.
  • Explore enhanced support for handling form posts with Blazor SSR (Server-Side Rendering), ensuring smooth and seamless form interactions.
  • Take advantage of the ability to route to named elements in Blazor, enhancing navigation and interactivity within your Blazor applications.
  • Leverage Webcil packaging for Blazor WebAssembly apps, streamlining deployment and packaging processes.

API authoring:

  • Enjoy expanded support for form binding in minimal APIs, making it easier to handle and bind form data within your API projects.
  • Benefit from the inclusion of the .http file in the API project template, enabling convenient API testing and exploration.
  • Native AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation is now supported, offering improved logging and exception-handling capabilities in compile-time generated minimal APIs.
  • ASP.NET Core top-level APIs are now annotated for trim warnings, ensuring optimized app size by eliminating unnecessary dependencies.
  • Experience reduced app size by configuring HTTPS support to suit your specific needs.

Worker Service template updates:

  • Discover additional default services configured in the slim builder, simplifying the process of building worker service applications.
  • API template JSON configuration changes have been implemented, enhancing flexibility and customization options.

Authentication and authorization:

  • Take advantage of new Identity API endpoints, facilitating seamless integration and management of user identities within your applications.
  • Enjoy improved support for custom authorization policies with the introduction of IAuthorizationRequirementData, offering enhanced control over access and permissions.

ASP.NET Core metrics:

  • Benefit from various enhancements and optimizations in ASP.NET Core metrics, ensuring better monitoring and performance analysis capabilities for your applications.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the ASP.NET Core developments planned for .NET 8, please refer to the Microsoft website.



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