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Updated date Jun 13, 2023
Discover the latest updates in Visual Studio Version 17.7 Public Preview 2. This article highlights the key enhancements, such as improved file comparisons, the ability to create pull requests within the IDE, enhanced multi-branch graph, parallel stack filtering, optimized F5 speed, and improved editing performance.

Experience the latest enhancements in Visual Studio with the arrival of Public Preview 2 for version 17.7. Following closely on the heels of Preview 1, this release is packed with upgrades designed to empower developers across various domains. Preview 2 pushes the boundaries even further, delivering improvements in speed, productivity, and collaboration.

Dive into a wave of enhancements that include upgraded debugging capabilities, auto-decompilation for external .NET code, advancements in C++ embedded and game development, and much more. Excitingly, you can now create pull requests directly within Visual Studio, streamlining your workflow. Explore the comprehensive list of enhancements,

IDE Productivity & Performance

  • Improved File Comparisons: Easily compare selected files in Solution Explorer using the new "Compare Selected" option. You can also compare files by selecting them individually or using file explorer.
  • Create a Pull Request: Seamlessly create pull requests from within Visual Studio, completing the entire workflow with ease.
  • Enhanced Multi-branch Graph: Enjoy improved readability and interaction with multiple branches through UI enhancements, including line coloring and branch labels.
  • Parallel Stack Filtering: Filter frames and threads in multithreaded applications, and perform bulk operations with the updated Parallel Stack Window.
  • Enhanced F5 Speed: Experience significant improvements in opening Program Database (PDB) files, resulting in faster project selection screen display in Unreal Editor and optimized debugger startup time.
  • Optimized Editing Speed: Benefit from enhanced performance in Roslyn's light bulb feature and reduced CPU consumption during the loading of large solutions.

.NET Development

  • Auto-decompilation for External .NET Code: Debug external .NET code effortlessly with automatic decompilation, allowing you to navigate and set breakpoints easily.
  • New Auto Insights for CPU Usage Tool: Gain detailed information and insights for specific methods and properties affecting CPU usage, helping you optimize your code for better performance.

C++ and Game Development

  • Build Insights in Visual Studio (C++): Optimize your C++ build times with the integrated Build Insights, providing valuable information and diagnostic reports.
  • Unreal Engine Blueprint Find All References: Search for references of UFUNCTIONs in Blueprints using the new Blueprint Find All References feature.
  • Improved Doxygen Overload Resolution: Enjoy enhanced support for Doxygen comments, displaying them in Quick Info sections for all relevant overloads.

For more details, please read Microsoft's developer blog website.



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