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Updated date Nov 18, 2023
Explore the transformative power of technology in navigating the college experience. From essay emergencies to coding challenges, discover apps and software that act as digital sidekicks, helping you stay organized, manage time efficiently, and conquer the complexities of academic life.


It’s the difference between calmly cruising through your semester and frantically paddling in a sea of assignments, caffeine, and existential dread. Good time management is about not turning your college life into a never-ending game of catch-up. It helps you keep your sanity intact while juggling essays, exams, and maybe a semblance of a social life.

Nail your time management, and you’re not just surviving the college chaos; you’re owning it. You’re in control, meeting deadlines without pulling all-nighters, and still snagging some precious Netflix time.

Tech to Help Students Stay Organized in College

Apps and software can track your deadlines, set reminders, and even nag you (in a good way) to keep you on track. It's like having a little digital sidekick in your pocket, ready to jump in with a "Hey, remember that paper due tomorrow?" just when you need it.

But it's not just about keeping tabs on deadlines. You've got apps that can help you create a study plan, organize your notes, and even block those tempting distractions (looking at you, social media).

And let's talk about the big–time. With the right tech, you can track how you're spending it. It's like a reality check for your day. You might think you're studying for hours, but your app might tell you half that time was spent down a YouTube rabbit hole. This insight is gold. It helps you tweak your habits, cut down on time-wasters, and use your hours more efficiently.

Apps and Websites to Stay Organized

Here are some amazing tech tools that will help you remain organized.

EduBirdie - Essay Writing Service

So, it’s 3 AM, and there you are, staring into the abyss of your computer screen. Your essay’s due in, oh, about five hours, and your brain's about as empty as your fridge. You’re thinking - Can someone just write a essay for me or not really? That’s when Edubirdie becomes your academic armor. This isn’t just any online help for students in trouble; it’s a powerhouse of top essay writers who eat and breathe essays. They’ve got skills, they hate plagiarism as much as your prof, and they're all about turning your caffeine-fueled ramblings into something that won’t make your professor want to retire early. Edubirdie’s the real deal – no plagiarism, just pure, unadulterated essay genius, ready to bail you out of Essay Hell.

Pieces: Organizing Your Chaos

Imagine it’s way past midnight, and there you are, a college student prepping for the ultimate showdown – software development job interviews. Your brain's doing somersaults, and you're up against code that looks like hieroglyphics. This is where Pieces steps in, not just as an app but as your coding sensei.

This student I chatted with, let’s call him Dave, swears by Pieces. He’s stashing away code snippets like a squirrel with acorns, all neatly organized for quick access during those high-pressure interview preps. But wait, it gets better. Pieces isn't just a storage vault; it's got this mind-blowing generative AI feature. Picture this: Dave stumbles upon a new code repository, and it's in a programming language he’s as familiar with as he is with Martian.

Cue Pieces for VS Code extension. Dave right-clicks on the repository, and boom, Pieces Copilot turns into this all-knowing oracle. It doesn’t just explain the code to him; it’s like it speaks the code, translating it into something Dave can not only understand but use. It’s like having a translator and tutor rolled into one, making sense of the coding chaos. And then, for the grand finale, Pieces Copilot generates new code, tailored to that specific repository. It’s like watching magic unfold on your screen.

Evernote: The Digital Memory Elephant

Evernote forgets nothing. Lectures, web pages, random thoughts – Evernote keeps it all in check. It's for those 'Oh shit, I forgot' moments, keeping you covered when your brain checks out.

Trello: Your Project's Puppet Master

Group projects suck less with Trello. It's like the puppet master of project management – every task, every deadline, every "who the hell is doing what" is laid out clear as day. It’s about getting your team's shit together without the chaos of a hundred back-and-forth emails.

Todoist: The Kick in the Ass You Need

Todoist is simple: You've got stuff to do, and it helps you get it done. It's like that no-nonsense friend who tells you to stop whining and start doing. With Todoist, your tasks stare you in the face, reminding you of what needs to be tackled. Procrastination doesn’t stand a chance.


Using cool apps can make college way easier. From getting essays done with EduBirdie to cracking code problems with Pieces, and keeping everything in mind with Evernote, Trello, and Todoist, these apps are like superheroes for college. Try them out, and see how your college days can be awesome, one app at a time!

Author’s BIO:

Sylvester Greer is a former college professor who became an IT specialist. He is so much into technology that he creates his own IT start-ups. Sylvester loves making revolutionary things in the tech world and enjoys sharing his experience.



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