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Updated date Feb 07, 2024
Explore the world of Shopify for e-commerce with insights into its pros and cons. This article provides a comprehensive overview, covering Shopify's rapid setup, scalability, feature-rich environment, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and supportive community. Uncover the drawbacks, including theme costs, maintenance needs, potential slowdowns, and considerations for your business.


Thinking about opening an online store? If yes, you may be considering Shopify for e-commerce. You may have a shop on another platform and want to move to Shopify. Is Shopify suitable for you? Should you remain with your present e-commerce solution? 

Shopify is the finest platform for most enterprises. Not perfect, however. Like everyone else, Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform with space for development. Without expert assistance, starting a Shopify company or considering a migration from Magento to Shopify is difficult. Contact MakeBeCool and get all the benefits of Shopify!

Shopify Pros

1. Get started selling rapidly

Shopify's rapid and simple online shop setup is another benefit. Within hours, you may be up and running. Simply register, pick a theme, like customized pajamas (or have one created), and add your items. You may start selling immediately after setting up.

2. Shopify scales.

Shopify grows alongside your company. This adaptable platform can handle all company sizes. From startups to huge enterprises, Shopify provides the functionality and flexibility to support your company.

3. Shopify has several features

Shopify has several tools to help you operate your company. Inventory management, abandoned cart recovery, discount vouchers, gift cards, and more are included. Numerous applications enhance your store's functionality.

4. Shopify is trustworthy

For e-commerce systems, stability is key. You need to know your platform will operate during busy hours. You don't have to with Shopify. It handles heavy traffic well and is trustworthy.

5. Excellent Shopify customer support

Shopify's professionals are available to assist with any issues. They normally respond within 24 hours to phone, email, and live chat requests.

6. Shopify is safe

Businesses worry about security, particularly e-commerce. You can trust Shopify to safeguard your shop. PCI DSS-compliant, it protects your data with cutting-edge security.

7. Shopify costs little

Considering its features and advantages, Shopify is inexpensive. There are no hidden costs or long-term obligations with $29 monthly plans. A yearly plan includes two months free.

8. The Shopify community is wonderful

Many active users constantly assist each other. Additionally, the community may provide shop ideas and resources.

9. Shopify keeps developing

Shopify constantly adds features and improves its platform. Your shop should improve over time. Due to its popularity, new applications and integrations are constantly being created.

Shopify cons

Every platform has problems, including Shopify. Here are some Shopify drawbacks:

1. Themes cost

Spend money on a theme to make your business appear great. There are free themes, but nice ones cost approximately $180. A bespoke theme costs significantly more.

2. Shopify needs much upkeep

If you want your shop to function smoothly, conduct plenty of maintenance. This includes updating themes and applications and backing up data. If you're uncomfortable, get someone to do it. 

3. Shopify slows

If you have many items and traffic, your business may slow down. This may anger you and your clients. There are methods to speed things up, but be careful.

4. Shopify isn't always cheaper.

Shopify is typically economical, although it may not be the lowest. If you want more adjustments or features, you may have to spend more.


Shopify has benefits and downsides, like everything. You should research and test Shopify for your eCommerce site or hire a competent Shopify agency. It's the best way to decide whether it's right for your business.



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