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Updated date May 17, 2024
Are you looking to utilize a high-quality paraphrasing tool for content creation? Check out our review of top 3 paraphrasing tools to make the right choice.


Paraphrasing tools have become a need of all writers and content agencies. The softwares have revolutionized the content world with their cutting-edge technology. The paraphrasing tools employ AI algorithms, NLP, and machine learning modules to create unlimited copies of a single content for you. Each copy has a different wording and sentence structure. 

Bloggers/ writers use paraphrasing tools to keep their websites updated, relevant, and active in the competitive market. The tools can also remove plagiarism from an input text, making your work appear as organic.The generated content is user-friendly and grammatically accurate. You can increase search engine rankings, web traffic, sales leads, and social media reach with paraphrasing tools  

Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools: Find the Best One for Your Needs

So far, we have touched upon the importance of employing paraphrasing tools for content creation. The next question is how do you select the best tool for you?  Well, there are plenty of options available but only a few offer a wide range of paraphrasing modes, grammatical perfection, plagiarism removal, and ease of usage. 

Based on this criteria we recommend these 3 tools for you

1. Parafrasear 

Compatibility: Online Web browser, Desktop, Android, and iOS 

Parafrasear is a giant of the paraphrasing world. The software uses advanced Chat GPT-3 models to rewrite any text perfectly. Be it academic, recreational or professional work, it can paraphrase the content as per requirement. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for bloggers, students, researchers, business writers, influencers, and other content creators. 

Parafrasear provides one-click paraphrasing results. The output always contains a high readability score with minimum plagiarism. It also has well-defined data protection rules, so you can upload the data with complete trust.

Paraphrasing Modes of Parafrasear 

Parafrasear offers 8 paraphrasing modes which include 

Anti-plagio: This mode rewrites your text to remove basic plagiarism.

Básico: This mode focuses on replacing key words and basic grammatical errors from your input.

Medio: It aims at changing the sentences and paragraphs. 

Reescritura: It completely rephrases the blog/essay to offer a different style. 

Creativo: It aids creative and literary touch to your work.

Extremo: It performs advanced level changes to input.

Eliminar Plagio: It works to remove composite, patch, and accidental plagiarism. 

Académica: It rewrites your assignment and research papers as per academic standards.

You can choose any mode as per the nature of your work.

Parafrsear isn’t limited to paraphrasing alone. It has a built-in Corrector Castellano to check the grammar and spellings of your Spanish writings. The options of Creador De Ensayos and Creador De Poemas are available to produce AI generated essays and poems. The software also has a Plagiarism Detector to check any duplication in your work.  In Short, Parafrsear is a complete writing assistant at your disposal.


  • One-click Paraphrasing 
  • High-quality paraphrasing results
  • Multi-language support


  • Free version is limited


Parafrasear all-in-one mode costs €30/per month. You can also get an individual Paraphrasr and Plagiarism Detector for €20 and €10/ per month respectively.    

2. Reescribir Textos

Compatibility: Online Web Browser, Desktop, and Android operating system. 

Reescribir Textos is our 2nd pick of the day. The software prides itself on paraphrasing a text while improving the readability and linguistic quality of your input. The advanced technology particularly excels at producing native-style Spanish outputs, capable of engaging the readers.

Reescribir is equally useful for academic and non-academic work. You can use it to renew blogs, assignments, columns, and research papers. The other supported languages are English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Tagalog, Catalan, and Romanian.       

Paraphrasing Modes of Reescribir Textos 

Like its predecessor, Reescribir Textos also offers 8 distinct paraphrasing modes

Anti-plagio: It removes basic level plagiarism from your input.

Básico: It focuses on replacing words and grammatical flaws.

Medio: It adjusts the sentence and paragraphs from your work.

Reescritura: This mode expresses your entire blog/essay in a different way.

Creativo: It aims at adding creative elements to your work.

Extremo: It overhauls your input.

Eliminar Plagio (prémium): It can remove self, accidental, patch, and composite plagiarism from your work.

Académica: It rewrites your assignments and research papers while conforming to all academic norms.

Reescribir Textos also has a built-in Grammar Tools menu, consisting of grammar, spelling, and Spanish checkers. In creative writing, it offers essay creator, poem creator, summarizer, and AI content generator features. It can also detect plagiarism and AI-generated content. This range makes it among the most versatile writing tools of our era.


  • Quick and efficient paraphrasing
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Diverse range of paraphrasing modes


  • Amateurs can struggle at the start. 


It costs €15/per month for all modes. You can get individual modes of Plagiarism Detector, Essay Creator and AI Content Generator for  €5, €5, and €10/per month respectively.  

3. Parafrasear Textos

Parafrasear Textos is our last pick of the day. The tool focuses on providing quick, single-click paraphrasing mode. The output is grammatically accurate with no basic errors. You can safely upload the generated content on your website. 

Parafrasear Textos has very strict data security regulations. It doesn’t save or share any user data. Thus, you can upload any professional and personal information here. It supports 12 major languages including; English, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. This versatility makes it a global paraphrasing solution. 

Paraphrasing Modes of Parafrasear Textos 

It offers these 3 paraphrasing modes

Basico: It rewrites the keywords from your content.

Medio: It alters the sentences and paragraphs from your input.

Eliminar Plagio: It removes all types of plagiarism by overhauling the entire blog/essay.

Parafrasear Textos lacks associated features. It doesn’t have a built-in grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and AI content-generating options. The professionals use Parafrasear Textos in conjunction with other software to make up for it.  


  • Quick paraphrasing 
  • Multi-language support
  • Ideal for amateurs


  • Not available on desktop/mobile


The monthly mode costs €15/per month. 

Here is a Summary of our discussion 

Features Parafrasear Reescribir Textos Parafrasear Textos
  • Web Browser
  • Desktop
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web Browser
  • Desktop
  • Android
Web Browser
Paraphrasing Modes 8 8 3
Grammar Checker Included Included N/A
Spanish Checker Included Included N/A
AI Writing Included Included N/A
Plagiarism Checker Included Included N/A
AI Writing Detector N/A Included N/A
Supported Languages 9 9 12
Price €20/per month €15/per month €15/per month


Paraphrasing Tools have become an integral part of the content world. Every agency and writer uses these tools to save time and money. These tools provide bulk content in no time. These tools can increase web traffic, Google rankings, and leads. 

This article presents a detailed comparison of the top 3 paraphrasing tools available today. It highlights the compatibility, paraphrasing modes, key features, pros & cons, and pricing of each mode. Select any tool as per your requirement and get ahead of your competitors by generating unlimited content.   



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